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How Drunk Will You Get With These Types of Alcohol

Is color the only difference between red and white wine?

Drinking has become a regular social activity among relatives, friends, colleagues, and even among new acquaintances. Drinking is always part of the festivities and gatherings that guests would always look forward to. Tony’s Market is a Liquor Store in Cleveland, Ohio. We are a state liquor store and we are a one fine and quality store offering various services and products to a diverse set of customers. As a liquor store in Cleveland, Ohio, we sell various types of alcohol – spirits, flavored spirits, wines, champagnes and beer.

Drinking is a favorite social pastime by most people on break from work and other responsibilities. As more and more people get into drinking and various others beginning to drink, we, at Tony’s Market, believe that we have to be responsible of ourselves while drinking. We can only be when we are aware of the types of alcohol and the effects they bring. Here are few of the famous ones:


Vodka is distilled from fermented mash of wheat, rye, corn and potatoes. When you reach your limits while drinking vodka, all your innermost feelings and thoughts on people, happenings and events come out. Expect to find voicemails, text messages and call logs you do not have any memory of the next morning.


Gin is a product of distillation or re-distillation of rye and other grain spirits with an addition of berries and other source of flavoring. Gin is a colorless alcohol. With gin, you will eventually feel like you are powerful and strong beyond defeat.


Tequila is a distilled from the fermented juice of the Agave tequilana. Tequila works in a mysterious way. You will have little to no recollection at all of the events the night before. You will eventually know though if someone spills the beans.


Beer is a favored tropical drink made from barley, water, hops and yeast. Drinking beer is comfortable and familiar. It makes you feel like your younger self – fun but immature.


Wine is usually made from the pulp of grapes, berries or other fruits and is made to undergo fermentation. Unlike other forms of alcohol, wine makes one be so drunken at one point yet still have a decent and intelligent conversations and end the night simply with sleep.


Rum is distilled from cane juice. When you are at your limits, rum will make you care less about everyone and everything that is happening around you. Talk about living the moment.


Whiskey is made from distilled grain or potatoes. Whiskey makes one feel extra-confident. Drinking whiskey is not about chugging all the contents of the glass messily but sipping it coolly and with poise.


Champagne is actually sparkling white wine made from a blend of grapes. Champagne is usually the highlight drink for weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions. It is not supposed to be for hard drinking but when taken in huge amounts, it is usually for the intent of passing the time when in a one serious, boring and unlikeable event.

There is truth in the saying that ‘too much of something is bad’. Drinking is one great way of passing the time and spending great moments with family and friends but when you have too much of it, you might end up destroying a friendly and happy atmosphere. Tony’s Market advices everyone to be a responsible and knowledgeable drinker. As a liquor store in Cleveland, Ohio, we will help you take your pick among all the alcohol we have on our shelves. Ask us away and we will give you helpful answers and tips on your alcohol intake and preferences. If you wish to contact us, call us at 216-651-5700 or visit us on our website at

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