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Mix your Drink & Rev up your party!!!

Ever wonder about people’s mixing habit with various spirituous beverages. We sell many types of Vodka, Rum, Cognac, Scotch, Whiskey and Tequilas. There are numerous brands and flavor of each type of beverage. We conducted a survey among our customer and found following very interesting mixed drinks recipes. Here are the most popular top 10 mixed drinks:

1) Old fashion Rum and Coke
2) Tequila and 100% Orange Juice.
3) Baileys and Coffee

4) Vodka and Orange Juice
5) Cherry Bomb: Vodka and Red Bull. We noticed that customer prefers this mix when buying premium vodka such as Ciroc, Grey Goose, Kettle One etc.
6) Vodka and Cran Apple. Most of our customer preferred Ocean Spray brand over other juices to attain better quality mix.
7) Bourbon and Ginger Ale
8) Jake and Coke

9) Scotch and Ginger Ale
10) Cognac and Coke or Red Bull.

While above list is limited to our customer base, I can count on you as a reader to suggest any new recipe that you enjoy while drinking your favorite drink.

Please leave a suggestion to improve our website, call our store to find out price or availability of your drinks or any new recipe. We always enjoy company of our beloved customers.

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