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Weekend Budget Activities You Can Do with Your Friends

Weekend Budget Activities You Can Do with Your Friends

Bonding with friends doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive. Sure, costly activities, like travelling and partying, are exciting but they’re not necessary to strengthen your relationship. You can bond and hang out even when you’re on a tight budget. At Tony’s Market, the leading liquor store in Cleveland, Ohio and number one source of both budget and fancy liquors and fresh produce in the state, we believe it’s the simple things that make friendships special. If you want to hang out at home with your clique but are on a budget, here are some examples of cheap activities yet great in strengthening relationships:

Movie Time

Who doesn’t love movies? In fact, most people find friends over common interests for a particular movie genre and spend hours together in front of the TV screen for a marathon of their favorite movies and shows. It’s probably one of the cheapest activities you can do with your best buddy. Just ready your popcorn and rent a movie or re-watch one from your collection and talk and feel excited about your favorite scenes together. Movies are more enjoyable with a drink or two, though, so be sure to order some of your favorite drinks at Tony’s Market before starting your weekend movie marathon.

Show Your Cooking Skills

Bonding can also be in a form of a friendly competition. Show off your cooking skills and have a competition of who is the better, or worse, chef. Invite your friends over for brunch, lunch, or dinner and have your friends make their special recipe (or, perhaps, the only one they can make) and enjoy praising, or teasing, each other over their kitchen skills. Besides, what kind of best friend doesn’t poke fun at you about what you can and can’t do? By bonding over your homemade meals, not only will you have an enjoyable time together, your tummies will also be happy and full.

Have Some Drinks

Bonding with friends is better with some drinks. In fact, you can have a wonderful and memorable time together with just a drink or two. Enjoy a trip down memory lane, reminiscing old times and celebrating what lies ahead with some of your favorite liquors. If you have a sophisticated and unique taste and can’t find your personal favorite at any shop, be sure to visit us at Tony’s Market. We accept special and rare orders. The best part? We’re open to serve you even on Sundays so you can have your simple and memorable gatherings any day and every day of the week.

Make your friendship last without spending a fortune. And to make your bonding time even more special, don’t forget to get your favorite drinks or shop for fresh ingredients for your special recipes at Tony’s Market, people’s preferred liquor store in Cleveland, Ohio. We even accept special orders and requests for unavailable liquors. Find your favorite drinks and ingredients or contact us for special orders at

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