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Your Guide for Throwing an Awesome Cocktail Party

Your Guide for Throwing an Awesome Cocktail Party

Everyone loves an exciting party and that’s why planning for it is important in making sure that every guest coming will surely enjoy the experience. No matter what kind of party it is, whether it’s a loud and energetic clubbing type or a laid-back cocktail party simply meant for some socializing, there’s one thing that you should not forget to have – alcohol.

Having the best labels of liquor at your disposal during parties will surely give your guests the enjoyment you expect them to have. And that’s why shopping from places that sell all the best alcohols for cocktail parties and more, like Tony’s Market, a well-known Liquor Store in Cleveland, Ohio that sells various labels and types of the finest liquors you would need, is necessary for successfully throwing a party that everyone will enjoy and remember.

To start the most important part of creating an amazing and memorable cocktail party, which is the planning stage, below are the essential things you need to have.

Things You Need for a Cocktail Party


Every party should always have a theme for it to be more organized, uniformed, and fun. No matter what kind of party you are throwing, having a theme makes it easier for your guests to decide about the things they need to prepare, such as outfits and stuffs they should bring. Aside from that, it also makes it easier for you, as the host, to prepare the most essential things, such as the venue, decorations, and food. Whether your cocktail party is inspired by the holidays, business events, guest of honour, or anything else, the theme serves as your guide to planning everything else, including the invitations, guest list, music, lighting, choices of cocktails, and more.


Once you have settled on the theme that you want, it’s finally easier for you to decide about the other things you need to prepare. The choice of food, like everything else, should be according to the theme of the party. Since it’s just a cocktail party, heavy meals are not advisable.


It wouldn’t look exactly like a cocktail party without a bar filled with various choices of drinks. If you are a little tight on budget, a simple bar with cocktails, beer, and more would suffice. However, if you can afford to be a little more lavish, it would make a great update to have a themed bar with choices of liquors that are according to theme of your party and a signature bar where guests can take one or two signature mixes. The most important thing in adding liquors to your bar is to not forget to put beer and wine, the two most common drinking favourites. No matter what label or kind of liquor you need, they are all available for you at Tony’s Market.


Like everything else, liquors should be according to the theme. If it’s a larger event, it’s best to hire a professional bartender to do the mixing and serving of drinks. While most people will just be contented with whatever drink you serve, after all, it’s free, some people, especially if you have a number of liquor connoisseurs in the guest list, would appreciate having great quality liquors to choose from in your bar. You can get the best labels and qualities of liquors at Tony’s Market anytime you need it.


Garnishes adds beauty to your bar and enhance the beauty and taste of even the most boring cocktails out there. If you are thinking about serving fruity-flavoured drinks, citrus and mint flavours, are just some of the garnishes you need, and so on.

By carefully planning the details of your party, starting from the theme to the choice of garnishes, you will be able to throw a party that everyone will enjoy and remember. More importantly, a memorable cocktail party should always have outstanding choices of liquors, acquired from the finest and most comprehensive Liquor Store in Cleveland, Ohio, for everyone to enjoy. Come and check out what we, at Tony’s Market, offers you at

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