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2 Ways to Spot Fine Wine

2 Ways to Spot Fine Wine

A date night or any special occasion for that matter will not be complete without a bottle of wine. Nothing makes the meal more memorable than having a drink to toast to for the night. Either you prefer champagne or a wine, you have to know what makes a good wine.

In order to spot a good wine, you need not be a sommelier or a wine expert to know one. With just the touch of the bottle or the smell of the cork, you already know the difference. We know you are curious on how to spot a good wine. At Tony’s Market, the ultimate source of liquor store in Cleveland, Ohio, we only give you the best quality of wine. Not only that, we also make sure that you get to know what makes a good wine.

Here are some ways on how to do that:

1. Before tasting the wine
Whether you are eating in a fine dining restaurant or you are choosing a wine in a liquor store, the first thing you need to check is the packaging and the bottle. You need to be keen in observing whether the bottle has some defects or if the cork is not properly closed.

After checking the bottle, you can request the sommelier to open it for you so you can sniff the smell of the wine. If the smell of the wine is wet and shriveled or dry and crumbly, these are subtle indications that oxygen must have entered into the bottle and it has possibly spoiled the drink.

2. During the tasting of wine
There are some stores who will allow you to have a sampler on their wine products just to give you an idea of the taste of the wine that you are buying. Being one of those liquor stores in Cleveland Ohio, Tony’s Market always assures our customers that they get wines of best quality. You need to swirl the wine on your class just to check if it’s still in good condition. And when you taste the wine, just take a little sip and try to savor its taste well.

These are the basic steps and most effective way of spotting a good wine. You do not have to be an expert on it, you just have to be very observant of the wine that you are drinking.

For more information about wines and other types of drinks, you can visit You can also come to our liquor store in Cleveland, Ohio, at Tony’s Market. You can call 216-651-5700 for the details.

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