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The Anatomy of your Favorite Drink

The Anatomy of your Favorite Drink

The life of the party will have to be the music and the booze. Whether you just need a shot of tequila to keep the energy going or you need a supply of liquor the whole night, no doubt alcohol can really hype up the fun. Well, hard drinks may be for the guys while girls prefer colors on their glass with cocktail drinks when they party.

Most of the time, parties are not anymore limited to nightclubs but you can have your own celebration in your own house. There are some who prefer to just buy their favorite drink and mix it by themselves. There is no better place to shop for your alcoholic beverage than stopping by at the liquor store in Cleveland, Ohio, in Tony’s Market. We have a wide variety of drinks that will suit your taste. But if you like to be a little creative on your drinks, then allow us to give you the basic anatomy of the classic cocktails that you love.

1. Old fashioned
This classic cocktail is named as such because it goes way back during 1806 where people drink a cocktail morning drink made up of water, sugar and a lot of liquor. Moreover, this drink is also placed in an old fashioned class. If you want to try mixing this old fashioned, you need to have:

  • Sugar cubes
  • Angostura bitters
  • Club soda
  • Rye whiskey
  • Old fashioned glass

2. Moscow Mule
Another popular cocktail drink is the moscow mule. And yes, from the word itself, it came from Russia. This cocktail drink has a history, where a Russian entered into the American liquor market and introduced vodka. Initially, the Americans did not like the taste of vodka but this moscow mule has an easy, smooth and refreshing taste that suits the Americans’ taste.

The moscow mule cocktail is easy to make. All you need to have is:

  • Lime juice
  • Vodka
  • Ginger beer

All these are easily found in the grocery stores but one good brand of vodka which is the Pinnacle is what is highly recommended by many cocktail lover. We sell vodka too at Tony’s Market, the favorite liquor store in Cleveland, Ohio.

3. Daiquiri
Another all time favorite cocktail is the daiquiri. It sounds so feminine, I know but this drink surely has a strong kick. Daiquiri is a blend of different flavor. You can have a sweet, sour or tangy taste once you drink it. It is also very easy to make. The star liquor for daiquiri is the appleton rum which we have at Tony’s Market. To make a daiquiri, you need to have:

  • Dark rum (Appleton Estate Reserve)
  • Lime juice
  • Simple syrup

What is your favorite cocktail? Do you prefer the classic drinks or you would rather go on an adventure with your liquor? Tell us more about it at You can also visit Tony’s Market, the one stop liquor store in Cleveland, Ohio or just simply order online.

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