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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

Wines are alcoholic drinks which are created from high quality grape juices that undergo through a process called fermentation. The longer the wine is stored, of course in a proper place and way, the better its taste will be. But, do you know what good benefits can drinking a glass of wine daily contribute to your body and health?

Listed below are 5 amazing health benefits of drinking wine from Tony’s Market:

  1. Makes your heart healthy.

    Wines have certain ingredient called procyanidins which is good for heart protection and prevents it from acquiring illnesses. Wines are also good for people with high blood pressure issues. A healthy serving of wine can also make you less susceptible to heart attacks.

  2. Makes you look younger.

    Wines have high contents of antioxidants which can make your skin and overall body look younger. These antioxidants – resveratrol and phytochemicals – are excellent in raising your body’s energy rate which can make a good defense from aging and slows down its negative effects.

  3. Helps avoid common colds and other illnesses.

    There has been a study which stated that wines can be our effective ally against common colds and others illnesses. The study also said that drinking wine moderately can aid in generating some kind of immunity from several viruses that may lead to certain illnesses. This makes wines more beneficial for our health.

  4. Lesser risk for diabetes.

    Another study conducted by professional researchers stated that people who usually drink at least one (1) glass of wine every day have lesser risk of having diabetes, compared to those who do not drink wine. Hence, if you do not want to experience diabetes sooner in your lifetime, you can add a daily dose of wine in your routine.

  5. Improves your life longevity.

    Drinking wine moderately can make your life longer. This is because of the good nutrients, immunity, antioxidants and other health benefits that wines provide us. If you want to live longer, have a glass of wine at least once every day.

Tony’s Market, a reliable Liquor Store in Cleveland, Ohio,is very much aware of the health benefits which wines and other alcoholic drinks provide. This is the reason why we offer a wide variety of high quality liquor. Let us help you attain a good health with a glass of our finest wines every day. You can also enjoy our pharmacy and grocery products. All are of highest quality and at reasonable prices.

Give us a call today at 216-651-5700 or visit our site at for more information about us and the products and services we can offer.

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