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Store Hours: Mon-Wed: 9 AM – 10 PM Thu-Sat: 9 AM – 11 PMSun: 11 AM - 10 PM

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Seven Surprising Benefits of your Best Friend Tequila

Seven Surprising Benefits of your Best Friend Tequila

Did you know that tequila provides some health benefits including weight loss? This could definitely wow people who complete their day or week with a few tequila shots. But to get the best benefits, it is important to stick to just a shot or two. Below are the surprising benefits of your best friend tequila to health.

Weight Loss

The general rule is that when you wish to lose weight, never drink alcohol. Keep in mind that liquid calories tend to go down easier than we thought, so this rule is true. However, when you can manage to consume a controlled amount of tequila, its sugar type agavins can let you experience the weight loss magic. Agavins have a less refined molecular structure that does not raise the levels of blood sugar. It stimulates your metabolism and helps in dissolving fats.


When you take one shot of tequila following a meal, the liquor will benefit your digestive system. A number of experts suggest having one shot before a meal in order to rev up metabolism and appetite and one shot after a meal to assist and soothe digestion.


A number of the fructans tequila is derived from supply probiotics, the healthy bacteria which naturally live in the intestines. Again, this is still about taking small amounts of tequila. You don’t want to get drunk to experience the exact opposite.


This has to do with agavins again. Agavins are associated with aiding the body in absorbing calcium, thus, can be a viable option to prevent the development of brittle or fragile bones.

Type 2 Diabetes

This presents a chance for people with diabetes to enjoy tequila. Again, as the fructans are not digestible, it serves as fiber. As it passes through the body not digested, we at Tony’s Market , a famous Liquor Store in Cleveland, Ohio believes that it avoid the risky blood sugar raise and stimulates the production of insulin.


Some studies reveal an associated between people who consume moderate amounts of alcohol to experiencing a dementia incidence later in life. However, be careful! Those studies also claimed a link between those who consume too much alcohol and experiencing higher dementia onset incidence.


Because of the relaxing benefits of tequila, it can help in calming the nerves and aid in inducing sleep for those deprived. It is not advisable to rely on substances like alcohol regularly. But we Tony’s Market, your partner Liquor Store in Cleveland, Ohio, believe that you might need that extra something to unwind.

Tony’s Market sells liquors seven days per week. Visit our Liquor Store in Cleveland, Ohio if you need a variety of liquor. Or you can call us at 216-651-5700.

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