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Food and Wine Pairing: Which wine complements my meal?

Food and Wine Pairing: Which wine complements my meal?

One of the safest rules to remember about choosing wine with your food is, “white for fish and red for red meat.” But is it accurate? So still, the question remains, which wine complements my meal?

The main objective of drinking wine is to obviously enjoy it! Plus if you have a meal, you wouldn’t want the wine to contrast the flavor of your food but simply to complement your gastronomic experience. Yum! Tony’s Market, your Liquor Store in Cleveland, Ohio has a wide variety of favorite alcoholic beverages such as wines, beers, spirits, and cocktails that will make your celebrations a blast!

Of course, sommeliers are wine experts who can perfectly pair your food with wine like at the back of their hand. But don’t fret. We will supply you the basics to make that wine and food – a perfect match in made from heaven. Well, from grapes that is!

The first thing to look at is the characteristics of food and these elements which include acid, bitterness, oil or fat, salt, sweet, and spicy. Your Liquor Store in Cleveland, Ohio , Tony’s Market will help you decide which makes a good combo!

  • Acid

    When it comes to an acidic element of the food, the wine must at least be equal or highly acidic otherwise, it would taste bland.
    e.g. scallops, pasta with tomato sauce = Sauvignon Blanc or Semillon

  • Bitterness

    A lot of people tend to steer clear with a bitter flavor, so avoid pairing both of equal bitterness. But rather select a wine that is less complex.

  • Oil or Fat

    Food rich in fat requires a wine that is high in acid (to balance the fat), tannins (to cut it), and alcohol (to slow down the rate of fat absorption).
    e.g. veal, prime steak cuts = Chardonnay

  • Salt

    According to wine connoisseurs, salty foods are a bit tricky to pair with wine. You should opt for a wine that can enhance its fruity character. Sparkling wines make a good pair with salty dishes as it heightens the flavor and texture plus cleanses your palate.
    e.g. oysters = Chardonnay

  • Sweetness

    Degrees of sweetness with the food should be highly considered when pairing it with wine. Wine sweetness should overpower than that of food, otherwise, the wine will taste bitter or sour.
    e.g. dark chocolate = red wine; sweets with fruity flavors = Port

  • Spicy

    The perfect wine pair must not have a high level of alcohol and tannin, instead consider something sweet with refreshing fruity flavors. Or those wine with residual sugar which will cool down the intense spiciness of the food.
    e.g. spicy Chinese, Thai or Indian food = Gewürztraminer or Riesling (white wine) Malbec or Merlot (red wine)

The most important thing to take away when it comes to wine and food pairing is to choose a wine that keeps the flavors in balance. Another tip is to pair your meals with wines in the same region i.e. pasta with Italian wine or Spanish dish with Spanish vino.

Shop at Tony’s Market, your Liquor Store in Cleveland, Ohio for your next wine and dine experience. Head to and be spoilt for choice with our wide variety of quality wines!

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