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Sparkling Wines and Champagnes Around the World

Sparkling Wines and Champagnes Around the World

A glass of sparkling wine is a very festive beverage loved by many people around the world. It signifies good cheer and celebration. Although champagne is sparkling wine, not all sparkling wine is champagne. While a lot of people see champagne as really bubbly, there are plenty of more styles of sparkling wines. We at Tony’s Market, a leading Liquor Store in Cleveland, Ohio, share information on these styles.

Sparkling Wines Around the World

  • Italy-Prosecco, an Italian wine, has captured the hearts of many people around the globe. While it can be made in a Brut style as with the majority of champagne, Prosecco wines are extra dry but slightly drier than brut. It is light in body. Some sparkling wines are made in the classic champagne method which makes use of other varieties. Often, they are labeled Metodo Italiano.
  • France-The production of champagne is done using Methode Champenoise in the country’s five wine-producing districts within the Champagne region. In this process, the wine goes through a second fermentation inside the bottle people buy in liquor stores. Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir are the grapes used for producing Champagne in different combinations depending upon the Champagne house style.
  • Spain-Spain’s Cava is a sparkling wine made through the use of Methode Champenoise. This full-bodied and dry wine is perfect when paired with food. It is made from indigenous varieties in the country and represents one of the best values in sparkling wines in the world.
  • United States-Usually, producers of American sparkling wine produce cuvees of wine from the conventional grapes Pinot Meunier. The wine is usually made through the Methode Champenoise. While created in the Russian River Valley in California, which is far from France’s Champagne region, a number of sparkling wines in the United States are referred to as Champagne. Korbel is the perfect example of this. And people can find this wine at a famous Liquor Store in Cleveland, Ohio like Tony’s Market.

Opening a Bottle of Champagne

The opening of a champagne bottle often marks the start of a special celebration. To open the bottle, ensure that it is chilled to 50 to 55 degrees or around forty minute in the fridge. Take the foil wrapper off and remove the wire cage which secures the cork. Your hand must be kept firmly on the cork’s top to ensure it does not fly off. As you push down on the cork continuously lean the bottle’s bottom in your other hand at 45 degrees angle. As you push on the cork, twist the bottle clockwise with a hand in order to ease out the cork.

In case you are having a party of all kinds, Tony’s Market a famous Liquor Store in Cleveland, Ohio, can facilitate your liquor purchase and choice without any problem. Give us a call at 216-651-5700.

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